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Ganesh Toasty

Born and raised in Chennai, photography shaped his destiny when he decided to follow the journey of his heart. Ganesh Toasty, a self-driven photographer instigated his photography career in the year 2013. His initial works were inclined towards Fashion photography; however the photographer now has drawn into diverse subjects such as Food & Travel Photography. Always determined by the ‘creativity’ factor, he came out with divergent concepts and story ideas that became an epitome of his perceptions. His passion toward photography keeps him moving in every sphere of life and the photographer has been proficiently juggling this hat until now.

“Photography is a subject that throws numerous challenges; and being a photographer, it is important to bring the luminance into every detail of the image being captured. Images are to be felt, they should spur the emotion in you, that’s when the passion turns into action”.

Clicking pictures keep him enthralled and helps shape his perspectives. Images are wholesome and it paves way to look into distinct varieties of style, aspects and a treasure trove of discoveries. His eyes grasp in more details and he’s a connoisseur when it comes to precision which is why his pictures stand out unique. Many a times, there’s a claim that, ‘A photograph speaks a million words’ similarly they’re the conduits of absolute memories.

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