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L Ramachandran

A self-taught photographer, L Ramachandran in defining his creative contours sought a different genre, making him the only Indian representative photographer of the Playboy magazine. And achieving this position was no mean feat for this young and avid aspiring photographer. Having found a creative niche, presently his oeuvre spans varied genres as architecture, wild life, lifestyle, fashion, celebrities [including Indian and international], Contemporary, fine art and performing arts. For this artist whatever be the genre, his exploration with light for the articulation of his subject/theme is fundamentally the image or thought through which the light makes the image ‘appear’ standing at the junction between the gaze of the observer and the image/object bringing it alive as a vibrant pulsating form. He captures the alluring forms of the body with artistry and dexterity that the line between craft and art dissolving to make the distinction fluid. For Ramachandran the technique of manipulating light becomes an opportunity for a double play: it amplifies the concept of illusion and the sensuous rich erotic visual forms. The extreme chiaroscuro or the contrast of light and dark eventually takes on the mantle of alluring romantic and yet opulent chief protagonist, marginalizing the human form to a secondary status.

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